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Diagnostic Penlight Otoscope Pen Style  Ear Nose Throat Clinical Set YUUS
Specification:Brand new and high quality.Compact style fits easily in a breast pocket.Pre-focused hi..
Soft Safe Baby Nipple Digital LCD Pacifier Thermometer
This product is designed electronic measuring body temperature thermometer for babies . Safe, easy ..
Medical pen
Brand new medical pen light blue brand new and good quality Bright clear light Convenient push..
Condition: Brand new Size: 18cm X 8cm X 0.2cm Weight: 0.015Kg Material:Dark cloth ..
Rectangular portable three grid transparent small medicine chest
Condition: Brand new Size: 19cm X 11cm X 8.5cm Weight: 0.145Kg Material:PP Colou..
Double high-capacity multi-purpose medicine box random color
Condition: Brand new Size:8.5cm X 7cm X 4cm Weight: 0.056Kg Material:PP Colour:R..
Bullet with line Earplugs color random
Condition: Brand new Size: 1cm X 1cm X 2cm Weight: 0.002Kg Material:Spring-loaded PU ..
Children electronic thermometer
Condition: Brand new Size: 12cm X 1cm X 1cm Weight: 0.038Kg Material:ABS + Electronic..
household small medicine box / suitcase / storage box
Condition: Brand new Size: 17cm X 9cm X 12cm Weight: 0.170Kg Material:PP Colour:..
10 grid trumpet rectangular transparent medicine box / storage box / jewelry box
Condition: Brand new Size: 13cm X 7cm X 2.3cm Weight: 0.043Kg Material:PP Colour..
15 frames large rectangular transparent medicine box / storage box / jewelry box
Condition: Brand new Size: 17cm X 10cm X 2.2cm Weight: 0.078Kg Material:PP Colou..
Portable sealed storage finishing boxes / kits - with a lid
Condition: Brand new Size: 29cm X 20cm X 21cm Weight: 0.522Kg Material:PP Colour..
Multi-layer health kits (625) random color
Condition: Brand new Size:34cm X 21cm X 16cm Weight: 0.743Kg Material: PP Colour..
Family health multi - number kits
Condition: Brand new Size:26cm X 16cm X 17cm Weight: 0.323Kg Material: PP Colour..
Chocolate five grid kit Brown/black
Condition: Brand new Size:11cm X 3cm X 2cm Weight: 0.027Kg Material: PP Colour:B..
Quality silica gel preventing the snoring device
Condition: Brand new Size:1.8cm X 1.5cm X 0.6cm Weight: 0.015Kg Material: Silica gel ..
Portable four-cell medicine box
Condition: Brand new Size:10cm X 7cm X 1.6cm Weight: 0.037Kg Material: PP Colour..
Five grid portable translucent pill
Condition: Brand new Size:9cm X 6.2cm X 6.2cm Weight: 0.026Kg Material: PP Colou..
Medication box first aid kit. random color
Condition: Brand new Size:17.5cm X 12cm X 11cm Weight: 0.179Kg Material: PP Colo..
Home care kits
Condition: Brand new Size: 27cm X 18cm X 24cm Weight: 0.693Kg Material:PP Colour..
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