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Three heads washed razor
Condition: Brand new Size: 12cm X 7.5cm X 15cm Weight: 0.382Kg Material:ABS + Electro..
Multi-brand facial hair removal device
Condition: Brand new Size: 19cm X 1cm X 1cm Weight: 0.029Kg Material:ABS Colour:..
Pole head floating rechargeable shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 10cm X 4cm X 13cm Weight: 0.158Kg Material:ABS + Electroni..
Titanium gold mesh Rechargeable Shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 9cm X 4.5cm X 1.5cm Weight: 0.172Kg Material:Metal Co..
360-degree rotation environmentally friendly electric shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 7cm X 8cm X 2cm Weight: 0.310Kg Material:Metal Colour..
Ultra-thin reciprocating pole head razor
Condition: Brand new Size: 10cm X 13cm X 2.5cm Weight: 0.183Kg Material:ABS + Electro..
Reciprocating charging dual purpose razor
Condition: Brand new Size: 11cm X 3cm X 14cm Weight: 0.160Kg Material:ABS + Electroni..
Reciprocating electric shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 13cm X 10cm X 3cm Weight: 0.188Kg Material:ABS + Electroni..
Reciprocating body wash electric shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 17cm X 6cm X 16cm Weight: 0.257Kg Material:ABS + Electroni..
Three heads washed razor (3051) random color
Condition: Brand new Size:16cm X 12cm X 7cm Weight: 0.394Kg Material: Plastic, metal,..
Eyebrow tweezers
Condition: Brand new Size:9cm X 1cm X 1cm Weight: 0.013Kg Material: Stainless steel ..
Nose cleaner
Condition: Brand new Size:2.5cm X 2.5cm X 13cm Weight: 0.042Kg Material: ABS + electr..
Magical painless hair removal
Condition: Brand new Size:7cm X 7cm X 1.5cm Weight: 0.017Kg Material: ABS Colour..
car portable the bicyclic foil shaver
Condition: Brand new Size:15.6cm X 18.5cm X 4cm Weight: 0.189 Kg Material: ABS + elec..
car shaver
Condition: Brand new Size:14.3cm X 18.5cm X 4.8cm Weight: 0.22 Kg Material: ABS + ele..
Rechargeable hair ball trimmer shaved velvet
Condition: Brand new Size:13cm X 7.5cm X 19cm Weight: 0.288 Kg Material: ABS + electr..
body wash electric women's Shaver
Condition: Brand new Size:7.6cm X 6cm X 17.6cm Weight: 0.145 Kg Material: ABS + electronic ..
Luxury women's shaving
Nets for loading and unloading, easy tclean. Two-way switch, coming from the knife used to shave ..
Dimensional five blade razor
Condition: Brand new Size:16.5cm X 5.5cm X 3cm Weight: 0.48 Kg Material: ABS + Electro..
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