DIY straws, Creative Toys

DIY straws, Creative Toys
DIY straws, Creative Toys DIY straws, Creative Toys DIY straws, Creative Toys
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Name: LYGF G00012 DIY straws, Creative Toys
Model: G00012
Colours: Blue
Composition: 15 straw & 15 connector
Product Weight: 21g
Material: PVC traws; silicone connectors
Packing List: Straw * 15, Connectors* 15

1. Bring out your innner kid with the DIY straws and make sipping a straw fun again1 Create an endless array of twists, turn and 3-dimenson slitsuntill your simple summer drink looks more like a plumber re-piped a skyscraper! Inludes different size of strws and multiple connections that go in every possible directions.
2. Construct your own ludicrously convoluted drinking straw set-ups. Part construction system part utterly infantile drinking doodah.Let your imagination run wild.
3. The possibilities of making your drink travel in various ways up to your mouth are literally endless. All you have to do is click the various components together. Take a look at the picture and you will know what we mean! This is the time to freak your friends and family out completely, This is the shock and awe of drinking. Go for it, pal!

Package List
Straw * 15, Connectors* 15
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